Guzelyurt (Morphou)
The Citrus Capital of North Cyprus

Guzelyurt, known in Greek as Morphou, is a town located in the northwestern part of Cyprus. It’s under the control of Northern Cyprus and serves as the administrative center of the Güzelyurt District. The town has a rich history and is renowned for its agricultural significance, particularly its citrus industry.

Historical Overview:

  • Morphou was founded by Spartans who introduced the worship of Aphrodite.
  • In the Middle Ages, the city was also referred to as Theomorphou.
  • The Morphou area was historically significant for the cultivation of citrus fruits, and during the Ottoman period, it was known for its linen exports.
  • Before 1974, Morphou was predominantly a Greek Cypriot community. However, post the 1974 events, the town saw a demographic shift with Turkish Cypriots from the south settling in.


Modern Guzelyurt:

  • As of 2019, the town had a population of 24,070.
  • The town is celebrated for its oranges, apples, vegetables, grapefruit, and melons. A significant portion of the citrus fruits is exported, while the rest are processed into juices and canned goods for local consumption and further export.
  • Guzelyurt is also famous for its annual Orange Festival, a major event that lasts two weeks and attracts both locals and tourists.


Real Estate Perspective:

(Note: The following statistics are based on general knowledge and estimations as specific real estate data for Guzelyurt in 2023 was not available.)

  • The town’s agricultural significance and its annual Orange Festival make it an attractive destination for those interested in agritourism and sustainable living.
  • The real estate market in Guzelyurt is expected to see growth, especially with the development of new residential and commercial projects.
  • The town’s historical significance combined with its modern amenities makes it an appealing destination for both local and foreign investors.


Lifestyle and Culture:

  • Guzelyurt is home to the annual Morphou Orange Festival, which has been organized since 1977. The festival features a variety of events, including performances by local and Turkish singers and bands, dance shows, sports competitions, and more.
  • The town is also known for its museums, such as the Icon Museum at the St Mamas Church and the Morphou History of Natural History and Archaeology.
  • The St Mamas Church, dedicated to St. Mamas, is a significant landmark in the town. According to legend, St. Mamas was a hermit who, upon seeing a lion attacking a lamb, saved the lamb and rode the lion back to town, earning him tax exemption.


Guzelyurt, with its blend of history, culture, and modernity, offers a unique experience. Its agricultural significance, combined with its rich history and cultural events, makes it a prime destination for real estate investments and tourism.

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