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Kyrenia (Girne in Turkish) is a famous historical city of Cyprus, simply a paradise for vacationers. Beaches with yellow sand and azure water, hospitable people – this characterizes the city, popular among tourists. Kyrenia is located at the foot of the mountains of the same name, directly by the sea. The sea coasts here are of extraordinary beauty. The mild Mediterranean climate determines relatively warm weather in winter and hot in summer. The success of tourism, travelers from different parts of the world, many attractions, great hotels and restaurants – all this determined the changes in the economy. From a small town, Kyrenia began to turn into a famous resort on the Mediterranean Sea.


Nicosia (Lefkosha in Turkish) is the capital of Northern Cyprus. The city is located in the central part of the island. The city is divided into two parts: one half belongs to the Turkish Cypriots, the other half to the Greeks.

Arriving in Lefkosa, you will feel the “breath of the times”. Many institutions and organizations have modified and modernized buildings on the inside but not on the outside. The most interesting places for tourists who come to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the capital are located in the central area.

At the same time, the city is quite modern and has all the benefits and services that modern society is used to.


Famagusta (Gazimağusa in Turkish) is the largest city in Northern Cyprus, with a history of more than 2,000 years. At one time, Famagusta was the residence of Richard the Lionheart, and now it is a major tourist center of the island, which annually gathers guests from all over the world. And this is no accident: after all, without a visit to Famagusta, a full acquaintance with the island will not take place.

This Mediterranean city has a rich history and amaze tourists with its ancient buildings. One of the best cities for excursions in Cyprus.

Famagusta is also attractive with beautiful sandy beaches – a real paradise for those who love the sea and water sports.


Esentepe is the ideal place to live and relax on the Mediterranean if your preference is mesmerizing views, sandy beaches and crystal clear sea.

You will see an unforgettable view that residents admire every day – the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea and wonderful beaches. This region attracts those who need a comfortable and secluded vacation.

Especially popular is the property located in the immediate vicinity of the Corineum Golf & Country Club. Also worth noting is the turtle beach of Alagadi. This is one of the cleanest and largest free beaches. Also Esentepe is one of the most developing areas as real estate with new amazing projects and investment options.

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