The Historical Coastal City of Cyprus

Paphos, known as “Baf” in Turkish, is a coastal city located in the southwest of Cyprus. It is the capital of the Paphos District and has a rich history that dates back to classical antiquity. The city is divided into Old Paphos (Kouklia) and New Paphos, with the current city lying on the Mediterranean coast.


Historical Significance:

Paphos has been inhabited since ancient times, with its roots tracing back to the city-kingdom of Kition. The city is closely associated with the goddess Aphrodite, with legends suggesting that Paphos was the son of Pygmalion and the statue of Aphrodite. The city was also known for its worship of Aphrodite, making it a significant religious center in the ancient world.

In 1980, Paphos was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its ancient architecture, mosaics, and religious importance. The city was also chosen as a European Capital of Culture in 2017.


Modern Paphos:

Today, Paphos is a bustling city with a population of approximately 35,961 (as of 2018). It has grown as a popular tourist destination, especially in the Kato Paphos area. The city has seen significant development, with resorts such as Coral Bay and Aphrodite Hills adding to its appeal.


Lifestyle in Paphos:

  1. Cultural Events: Paphos is home to various cultural events and festivals, celebrating its rich history and traditions.
  2. Tourism: The city boasts historical sites, beautiful beaches, and modern amenities, attracting tourists from around the world.
  3. Economic Activities: While tourism plays a significant role in Paphos’s economy, the city also benefits from farming activities, especially banana, grape, and tobacco cultivation.
  4. Landmarks: Paphos is home to several historical landmarks, including the Paphos Castle, Saranta Kolones, and the Tombs of the Kings. The city also boasts ancient mosaics in the Houses of Dionysos, Theseus, and Aion.


Real Estate in Paphos 2023:

(Note: The following statistics are based on general knowledge and estimations as specific real estate data for Paphos in 2023 was not available.)

  1. Average Property Prices:

    • Apartments: Estimated at around €1,600 to €3,100 per square meter.
    • Houses: Estimated at around €2,400 to €4,600 per square meter.
    • Villas: Estimated at around €3,400 to €5,800 per square meter.
  2. Rental Prices:

    • Apartments: Estimated monthly rent ranges between €580 and €1,150.
    • Houses: Estimated monthly rent is between €950 to €2,400.
    • Villas: Estimated monthly rent ranges from €1,900 to €4,300.
  3. Market Trends:

    • Paphos’s real estate market has been growing, especially with the development of new residential and commercial projects.
    • The city’s historical significance and modern amenities make it an attractive destination for both local and foreign investors.


Paphos, with its blend of history and modernity, offers a unique living experience. Its strategic location, coupled with its vibrant culture and economy, makes it a prime destination for real estate investments. Whether you’re looking for a property with historical significance or a modern apartment with all amenities, Paphos has something to offer.

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